How to Wear High Waist Belts and Dress Belts

High rise fashion is in full force and that doesn't seem to be changing in 2021. It has a natural way of bringing out your curves, and nothing defines your figure more than a properly placed high waist belt or dress belt. Waist belts are no longer constrained to be tossed around a pair of high-rise jeans. But where then should you place the belt on your waist? Typically to get the desired hour glass effect, a high waist belt should be placed around the smallest part of the waist. Lets look at a few examples.


High Waist Belt Dress Belt


Notice how the belt is placed around the dress on the smallest part of the waist to really bring out her curves. But waist belts don't have to be used just to cinch a dress either. You can use it over a blazer, around a coat, or even a jumpsuit. Take a look at how some of our belt lovers are styling their high waist belts. 

Leather Waist Belt

Leather Belts

Waist Belts

Women's High-Waist Belts

High waisted belts and dress belts are some of the most versatile accessories. Have fun accessorizing and be creative! For a wide range of stylish waist belts that will accentuate your shape, check out our collection of Women's Full Grain Leather Waist Belts.



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