Leather Products Store in Canada

Genuine Canadian craftsmanship. Premium, ethically sourced leather goods. Built by local artisans and craftsman across Canada.

  • At NAB Leather, our philosophy is fine craftsmanship built on a love of leather and products that are built to last. It’s why we’ve crafted only the finest leather goods—sleek, stylish, and durable—with purpose and passion for over 20 years and counting.

Our Story: Lessons on Leather. A Love of the Craft.

  • At the heart of our craft is a commitment to only the finest materials and processes: 100% ethically sourced full-grain leather. Combined, we offer the finest, eco-friendly leather accessories made for wear, made to last.
  • Since our beginnings in crafting belts, we now share our passion for fine leather goods across a broad range of accessories. Crafted for classic, durable style with our signature quality, our products are trusted and valued by countless customers across Canada and the US. From practical belts to wallets, messenger bags, gloves, keychains, and more, each item isn’t just utilitarian, but a testament to our purposeful craftsmanship.

A Seamless Way to Shop Your Signature Look

  • Leather goods you love curated to suit your style and needs—that’s the heart of our unique, customer-centered shopping experience. See the NAB difference from leather quality to customer service, complete with comprehensive return policies that go above and beyond other leather goods suppliers.