Genuine leather craftsmanship. Proudly Canadian-made.

At NAB Leather, we are proudly Canadian, and proudly family-led. For over 20 years, we have honed our love of leather and passion for purposeful craftsmanship. Our philosophy is well-made: only the finest, 100% full-grain Italian leather, ethically sourced from food industry by-products, enhanced with vegetable tanning and crafted for timeless, lifetime use.

Today, we are one of the world’s leading online leather goods stores, known and trusted for our trademark craftsmanship and competitive prices. We proudly bring only the finest leather products to Canadians coast-to-coast and share in the long history of world-renowned craftsmanship.

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The finest taste deserves nothing less. Share our love of leather. Build a wardrobe that’s made to last—through the changing seasons, and through years of wear. Discover the best of supple, sturdy leather crafted in a timeless style for durable and versatile wear, and a sleek, modern profile. Shop the finest leather accessories proudly Canadian-made, for Canadians.

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Crafted for the modern man: sturdy, minimalist essentials made for long-lasting wear. Browse our selection of leather belts, embossed belts, wallets, coin purposes and cardholders, and wristbands and bracelets. Wear the best quality leather craftsmanship and functional, purposeful design for lasting, dependable use.

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Made for every woman, each piece in our collection is a closet must-have: durable and timeless, through changing seasons and trends. Add depth, dimension, and definition with our versatile leather belts, and embody subtle, classic elegance with long-lasting wallets and chokers, and bracelets. From work to the weekend, formal to casual, shop the perfect leather accessory made to last.

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Discover the full versatility of leather. Browse lifestyle essentials beyond wardrobe. Embrace durable, timeless, and stylish utilitarian functions with leather coasters and keychains made for life.

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For your favourite furry friends—they deserve only the finest quality accessories too. Find leather dog collars and leashes guaranteed to last through years of play and loyal companionship.

Contact NAB Leather in Canada

NAB Leather is proudly local and homegrown. With over 20 years of craftsmanship experience, we stand by the quality of our leather products and strive to ensure your confidence in our lifetime guarantee.

Do you have questions or concerns about your NAB Leather product? We are happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for repairs, replacements, feedback, and more. Our promise is long-lasting, durable leather products—lifetime guaranteed against years of wear.

The NAB Leather Guarantee

Exceptional Quality Leather: We only use 100% full-grain Italian leather. Supple but solid, sturdy for one-piece construction to minimize stretching, with no breaks and cracks. Our pieces are durable, unique, and timeless—everything you want and need in wardrobe classics made to last a lifetime.

Commitment to Customers: You are why we craft—and your feedback only makes us better. We share a love of leather craftsmanship and aim to ensure your lasting use and satisfaction with each piece. Trust our lifetime guarantee for repairs and replacements, and discover leather made for life.

Ethically Made: Our promise is purposeful craftsmanship—responsible and sustainable. Our materials are sourced from food industry by-products and enhanced through vegetable tanning.