Leather Products Manufacturing in Canada 


All our belts are made from 100% real 9-10oz full-grain leather. Full grain leather includes the two crucial components of a hide - the ‘Grain’ and the Corium. This Grain is what imparts strength, beauty and character to leather. Full grain leather is used to make very long lasting, very sought-after leather products.

The highest quality full-grain leathers generally come from cold climates (due to less bug bites) and free range ranches (reducing scratches from barbwire or fences). This is the most naturally possible way of getting smooth, defect-free full grain leather. These are also the most expensive leathers. As the manufacturers with 20 years experience in the industry, we are committed to delivering only the high quality products.

Ethically Produced

Nab Leather is committed to eco friendly manufacturing and ethically made leather goods. Every piece of leather made is from a bi-product of the food industry and we strictly avoid suppliers known to sacrifice animals just for the skin. 

Our leathers are tanned using an organic method known as vegetable tanning. This method relies on the use of natural vegetable tannins from bark or other plants instead of toxic chemicals. We are constantly figuring out new ways to reduce waste such as reusing left over leather cuttings into leather hoops and tags and avoiding single-use plastics.