Proudly Canadian craftsmanship. Premium, ethically made leather goods. Built to last a lifetime.

At NAB Leather, our philosophy is world class craftsmanship founded on our love for leather, classic looks that never go out of style, and a final product that ages beautifully with time (patina). It’s why we’ve crafted only the finest leather goods—sleek, stylish, and durable—with purpose and dedication for over 20 years and counting. Our Story: Craftsmanship + Passion + Leather = NAB Leather.

At the heart of our craft is a commitment to only top-notch materials and processes: 100% full-grain leather and ethical sources and production. Combined, we offer time-honoured leather accessories made for wear, made to last.

Since our beginnings in making belts, we now share our passion for fine leather goods across a broad range of products and accessories. Crafted for both style and durability, our signature quality products are trusted and valued by our customers across Canada and the US. From everyday belts to walletsdog leashesguitar strapskeychains, and more, each item isn’t just utilitarian, but a testament to our purposeful craftsmanship.


Leather goods you love, curated to suit your style and needs—that’s the heart of our unique, customer-centred shopping experience. From browsing our online store, to shopping, to our lifetime guarantee, our promise is a seamless experience to make each of our leather products your own. See the NAB difference from quality leather goods to customer service, complete with smooth return policies that go above and beyond.


Exceptional quality leather and no compromises. Period. That’s our promise. All our leather goods are crafted from 100%, 9-10oz full-grain leather— as pure as it gets. It’s this full-grain element that gives signature NAB Leather accessories their strength, beauty, and character, enjoyed for a lifetime.

Excellent Customer Service: At NAB Leather, your satisfaction is our priority. Shop and wear with confidence for years, thanks to our lifetime guarantee for repairs and replacements. Our promise is leather goods made for life.

Ethical Sourcing and Production: Our mission is leather made sustainable. NAB Leather is committed to the ethical sourcing of full-grain, vegetable tanned leather and responsible manufacturing processes. All our leather accessories are crafted from by-products of the food industry, with vegetable tanning to achieve the gorgeous, timeless hues.



Our signature best-seller a high-waisted belt you can always count on for fit and style. At 40mm (1.6”) wide and available in 3 timeless colours, this belt is a classic piece and a must-have in everyone’s closet.

Elevate your look with the trademark NAB Leather craftsmanship. Our classic belt comes with a circular stainless steel buckle for an element of subtle visual interest. Whether cinched around the waist or riding low on the hips, look — and feel — your best with added definition and dimension. One belt, endless possibilities: versatile, polished perfection made to last a lifetime, only with the finest Italian full-grain leather.



This is leather craftsmanship at its finest. NAB Leather belts are tailored for durable use, designed for sleek style. Uniquely crafted out of a single piece of solid full-grain leather, our patented belt design requires no bonding. The result? No stretch, no breaks, no cracks — just supple, durable leather crafted for long-lasting wear. 

Whether it’s for work or the weekend, our trusty leather belts are everything you need in a clothing essential. Crafted for reliable function and versatile style, these belts are easy to mix and match, from dress pants to dresses for hourglass definition. And through it all, no cracks — no matter the shape or style.



A wardrobe essential and classic accessory for the ages — that’s our promise in every NAB Leather belt. With each piece ethically sourced and crafted using only the finest Italian full-grain leather, our belts are made to last — and we’re here to make sure they do.

At NAB Leather, we’re committed to ensuring the sustainability of your leather goods. Our leather belts are confidently lifetime guaranteed: an insurance policy against years of heavy wear, or rare leather or hardware defects. You can count on us for repairs or replacements, without the fine print — an honest guarantee for our high-quality leather products.


The Long Haul Belt - Classic Black 100% Real Leather Belt

Nab Leather Co

$56.00 USD $81.00 USD