Holiday Gift Guide - NAB Leather

This holiday season, give a gift that will last a lifetime. Buy it once, wear it forever.

We've broken down our gift guide to make it easier for you to find the perfect gift.

Gift Sets

For the gift giver that doesn't want to think too much and have gifts packaged and ready to go.

The Long Haul Gift Set - Our classic Long Haul belt in all 3 colours. He'll have the perfect belt for each outfit.

The Purpose Belt Gift SetFor those who like a little extra flair and craftsmanship in their belts.

Pinnacle Belt Gift Set - Similar to the Long Haul belt set, but for those that want to the absolute softest leather. 

Belt + Wallet Gift Set - Classic. Timeless. 

Three Belts Every Man Needs in His Closet

Casual Black. Casual Brown. Reversible Formal. These will have you covered for for any outfit and occasion. Our recommendations

The Long Haul Belt - Black


The Pinnacle Belt - Brown

The Harvey Dent Belt - Reversible


Embossed Leather Belts

These slow embossed full-grain leather belts have beautiful art and designs for those that want a belt to be the centrepiece of their outfit. 

The Wildlife Belt

The Artistic Belt

The Aztec Belt


That completes NAB Leather's 2022 Holiday gift guide. Didn't see exactly what you wanted? Click here to see the widest collection of leather belts in Canada. We're sure you can find the perfect gift for them. Happy holidays!





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